PLACE Structure

PLACE is an international group of non-profit organizations. Each legal entity has a different role and purpose in ensuring that we can deliver on the mission of our organization. The primary legal entities are ThisisPLACE Foundation based in the United States and ThisisPLACE UK with its subsidiaries The PLACE Trust and ThisisPLACE Trading Limited. These entities are bound together by a Framework agreement that outlines how we operate together. Further the operations of PLACE are supported by our PLACE Hubs and PLACE Labs with descriptions of each below. 

ThisisPLACE Foundation

ThisisPlace Foundation (“PLACE US”), is a non-profit organization with its principal office located at 7272 Wisconsin Avenue, 9th Floor, Bethesda, MD 20814, USA. PLACE US operates in legal partnership with ThisisPlace UK (“PLACE UK”)

ThisisPLACE UK ThisisPLACE UK is a not for profit company limited by guarantee with registered company number: 14304502 with its registered office at 10 Queen Street Place, London EC4R 1BE. PLACE UK operates in legal partnership with PLACE US and was founded to promote and support public access to, use of, and contribution to, open access mapping and geo-spatial data and other geographical and environmental information for utility by the general public.  
The PLACE Trust At the core of ThisisPLACE UK is The PLACE Trust an endowment data trust with the purpose of storing licenced copies of Government data that are then sub-licensed by the wholly owned trading company to members of the PLACE Community under terms of responsible and ethical use.
ThisisPLACE Trading ThisisPLACE Trading Limited is incorporated and registered in England and Wales with company number 14376864 whose registered office is at 10 Queen Street Place, London, United Kingdom, EC4R 1B. PLACE Trading is a wholly owned subsidiary of ThisisPLACE UK with the purpose of issuing data licences from The PLACE Trust and receiving commercial use fees.


These are part of the operations of PLACE and provide support for technology and data collection. Currently we have Hubs in Cameroon and Cote de I’voire


In agreement with University and research organisations based in the countries we are working with. The purpose of a PLACE Lab is to encourage research and education based activities and education 


Chain of License

At PLACE we believe we must be transparent and accountable.

One of our key principles is that the data we collect is legitimate, in full agreement and holds the consent of the Government in the country we are working. We MUST ensure that our members can trust the provenance of our data and that we are authorized to sub license the data through The PLACE Trust and allow for full and legitimate commercial and non-commercial derivation of works.

To ensure we are able to share data from our The PLACE Trust, a series of agreements and licences are in place that form our chain of licence.

Government MoU

Enables ThisisPLACE Foundation to collect data. Through this agreement ThisisPLACE Foundation  collects data and agrees to transfer both data and IP to the Government

Governmental Licence

Transfers IP to Government from ThisisPLACE Foundation and grants Licence for use in the public interest to The PLACE Trust

Trust Licence

Sub-licences data from The PLACE Trust to ThisisPLACE Trading Limited to enable the issuing of user licences

User Licence

Licenced from ThisisPLACE Trading Limited to PLACE Community Members (contingent on signed Member Agreement with ThisisPLACE Foundation)

The current active User Licenses are Research and Non-Commercial. In future the Membership will assist to develop the commercial use licence in alignment with the existing research and non-commercial licenses and PLACE principles.