PLACE Community

A trusted and diverse global community of mapping users

Whether your organization is looking to access high-resolution imagery in new geographies, build partnerships and network with other businesses across the world, be at the cutting edge of research or needs access to insights and industry trends, membership in the PLACE Community can provide these opportunities and positive impact for your work.

What is the
PLACE Community?

Stretching across the globe the PLACE Community is a broad range of users from large research organisations like Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the USA to small startups like SESO Global in Africa, to universities such as Clark University and University of Southampton and multi-national organizations like ESRI. This is a diverse group of commercial, research, NGO, government and academic organizations with a shared interest in using high resolution geo-located imagery for positive impact in the world. Membership in the community is for any organization in good standing that works with location/geospatial data (particularly those using modelling, AI or ML), provides guidance or services in the use of digital technologies, has interest in responsible or ethical use of data or is keen to help grow a new model for a global data trust community. Membership is organization wide, meaning all the staff in your organization can have access and participate within the membership.

PLACE Membership has 5 core benefits

  • Gain access to data from geographies not easily accessible or previously mapped
  • Clear provenance for all data and simple, easy to understand licencing
  • High resolution, high quality, high positional accuracy imagery both aerial and street
  • Connect with other experts across the world to share experience and knowledge
  • Access the PLACE Knowledge Hub (
  • Share content to the Knowledge Hub – showcase your global leadership and expertise
  • Develop business relationships and networks
  • Gain insights into emerging markets, technology and global policy trends
  • PLACE is founded on 9 principles and is a signatory of the Locus Charter  – PLACE will provide opportunity for you to explore this and how it can help your organisation
  • Enhance your organisations reputation through being part of an ethics by design community
  • Principles based work and activities
  • PLACE team are experts in their fields and are keen to involve members in thought leadership outside of the PLACE Community to amplify the voice of the location data community
  • Opportunities to build new partnerships in new places
  • Demonstrate and promote your global leadership and skills
  • Participation and engagement from the community members is fundamental to the success of PLACE
  • Opportunity to be part of working groups shaping technical, licencing and governance in the organization
  • Be at the forefront of growing and developing a new and unique model of data trust