William (Bill) Dollins is a geospatial professional with nearly thirty years of experience designing, building, and implementing geospatial systems for government, commercial, and non-profit organizations. His work has been concentrated in the integration of spatial tools and techniques with traditional information systems to geo-enable workflows and analysis.

Since 2017, Bill has worked at Spatial Networks, Inc., the maker of Fulcrum, a location-aware software as a service (SaaS) platform for field data collection. He has led the development of customer-facing data and product pipelines and, in his current role as Chief Information Officer, has expanded the company’s corporate data analytics capabilities.

Prior to joining Spatial Networks, Bill spent 24 years as a consultant in the government services industry, including 15 years as a partner in Zekiah Technologies, Inc. There, he built geospatial applications and systems for multiple US federal departments, including Defense, Homeland Security, Energy, and Interior as well as non-profits such as the World Wildlife Fund.

Bill was an initial member of the Homeland Infrastructure Foundation Level Data (HIFLD) working group and has a keen interest in the geospatial analysis of infrastructure networks. He is also a lifetime member of the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF). Bill received his undergraduate degree in Information Systems from the University of Maryland Baltimore County and received a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Maryland in June 2022.