Jared Novick is a proven technologist, founder and CEO having built and sold companies across Geospatial, Aerospace and Cybersecurity Industries. Jared has established long-term relationships with Global 1000 clients, US Government Agencies (to include classified Agencies and DoD Organizations), NASA, Research Institutions, International Government Agencies, and Academe. Jared’s ability to develop a deep understanding of each client’s business, organize its strategy and operational priorities whilst generating value as a scalable business showcases his breadth of skills in commercializing products and services. In his early days, Jared conducted high altitude research and operations for NASA.

Subsequently, he founded an aerospace firm that provided high-altitude geospatial tech and developed remote sensing analytics. Jared brings networks as well as proven skills in growing successful tech businesses. Jared is excited about the opportunity to help PLACE to overcome tech challenges, to strategize about our product market fit, and to strengthen our data security.