Jed Sundwall leads the data strategy for Amazon’s Social Responsibility team, guiding Amazon’s usage of data to understand and mitigate human rights risks in global supply chains. Before joining the Social Responsibility team, he built and led the global Open Data Program at Amazon Web Services, which has democratized access to petabytes of data, including satellite imagery, genomic data and data used for natural language processing.

Throughout his career, he has used the Internet to improve the quality of governance around the world through work with NOAA, the World Bank, U.S. Department of State, NASA, European Space Agency and the United Nations. Before joining Amazon Web Services, he created Measured Voice, a software company that combined user interface design and data analysis to help governments manage their social media operations.

He also founded Open San Diego, a volunteer civic technology advocacy group that was instrumental in the creation of San Diego’s open data policy. Launched late in 2009, Open San Diego quickly developed a vibrant community of volunteer software developers, journalists and citizens interested in using data to improve the quality of policy and journalism in San Diego.

He has a master’s degree in Public & International Affairs from the University of California in San Diego, where he was named a Schoepflin Fellow for his work with the Center for Digital Inclusion, a Brazilian nonprofit organization that uses technology to fight poverty  and stimulate entrepreneurship. He is fluent in Spanish and pretty good at Portuguese.