Richard Leftley is a pioneer in the provision of digital insurance to over 60 million emerging consumers in Africa and Asia. He founded MicroEnsure, a leading microinsurance provider and has over 18 years experience of creating and implementing financial services distributed through partner banks, mobile networks, mobile wallets and e-commerce partners. Richard currently serves as Executive Vice President of Micro Insurance Company which provides an end-to-end solution to the needs of those that are unserved with the safety net that insurance provides. As EVP International, Richard’s role is to seek new partners and new markets where he can deploy underwriting, IT and products to bring unique products to market. As Founder and CEO of MicroEnsure, Richard helped 60 million customers in Africa and Asia to access insurance. MicroEnsure pioneered the freemium mobile micro insurance model and leads the market in partnering with a range of mobile network operators, mobile wallets, e-commerce and ride hailing companies. As Vice-President for Opportunity International, Richard managed a global team of 55 staff and consultants creating financial services and payments products within Opportunity International as well as to other Micro Finance organizations across 22 countries in a range of lending, savings, remittance, payments, insurance and client impact projects.