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Having a secure sense of place empowers individuals, creates stronger communities, and leads to a healthier environment.

We are a venture fund that invests in entrepreneurs, organizations, and technologists who are acting with urgency to create a better place in which to live, work, and play on the planet we all share.

About PlaceFund

Built upon the innovation, excitement, thought leadership and entrepreneurship of the Property Rights initiative at Omidyar Network, we are a venture fund that invests in non-profit organizations advocating for secure property rights, positive climate outcomes, and sustainable land use. We bring with us lessons learned from a decade of experience driving sectoral change, with $30MM in assets under management that includes social enterprises, geospatial platforms, think tanks, academia, NGOs, and the media. 

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PlaceFund serves as an effective bridge between solution providers and funders that want to contribute to driving positive impact but are not structured to reach and support local organizations in emerging markets. 

We source our portfolio through our global network, partnerships, and challenge programs. True to our Silicon Valley Impact Investing heritage, we then provide the financial, human, and technological resources that enable beneficiaries to accomplish their missions and reach their fullest potential.

To find out more, please refer to the Q&A page.

It’s About a Secure Sense of Place

Our place isn’t a location on a map or a geo-referenced data point. It isn’t just a home, farm, business, forest or community. Greater than that, our place is a gateway to the world. It is a freedom we carry with us everywhere we go, a critical underpinning to our feeling of identity, purpose, and belonging.

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Having a secure sense of place iarguably one of the most valuable intangible assets we can possess. It provides a foundation for economic opportunity and an incentive for strong environmental stewardship. A secure sense of place is fundamental to pursue educational ambitions, start a business, build a family, and lead in the community — to exist in harmony with one’s dreams and ambitions.

We created PlaceFund to address the inter-related issues of property rights, sustainable land use, and climate change that are foundational to having an affirmative and secure sense of place in the world.