Building a mapping data trust for People and Planet

Building a mapping data trust for People and Planet

PLACE is a global non-profit technology organization whose vision is to be the most compelling data trust of mapping data for the benefit of people, community and planet.

We work to make mapping more timely, affordable and reliable to help solve some of today’s greatest challenges.

Good solutions require high quality data

3D Model Zomba, Malawi – images captured in December 2023

Solving some of the hardest problems starts with access to affordable, updated, high quality data – data currently unavailable in many emerging economies.

PLACE provides high-resolution, high accuracy mapping data for rapidly growing cities in Africa and small island states dealing with the complexities of expanding populations, the impacts of climate change and a myriad of other challenges.

PLACE data is also essential for the members of our global community of data users, who deliver services, design interventions, and drive innovation.

With PLACE data, governments can better understand where and how much to invest to serve citizens, civil society can ensure transparency and accountability, academia can more accurately monitor change over time, and businesses possess key information needed to grow and create jobs.

Mapping in action

PLACE collects high-resolution, high-accuracy aerial and street imagery at no cost to governments and gives them ownership of the data. A copy of this data is then licenced and placed in a unique data trust endowed in the United Kingdom and held in perpetuity for the public interest. The PLACE trust enables ethical collection, hosting and sharing of location data to unlock problem-solving in a way that has never been done before.

Our PLACE Community delivers real impact on the ground by using our data and sharing knowledge on what works with each other.

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Global Land Alliance

The mission of the Global Land Alliance is to enable the sustainable prosperity of people and places by advancing learning and practice of land governance to achieve healthy relationships with land, life and natural resources, emphasizing local and Indigenous knowledge 

government highlight

Department of Surveys, Malawi

In Malawi, PLACE has partnered with the Department of Surveys, a Division of the Ministry of Lands, to capture PLACE data, initially in the cities of Zomba and Lilongwe…….

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